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--- In, Leslie Gemora <leslie_gemora@y...>

Everyone's been in the dark about what the deal is with the status of
Wolfgang. I believe we owe it to our fans and friends to tell the

There is no more Wolfgang. I am here in the US, starting over with
my life. I've been auditioning for various local bands here in
Southern California and still pursuing my dream of playing
here...Wolfgang or no Wolfgang.

Basti is in San Francisco. He is married and last I heard he has a
job and is recording with a local band there. Manuel plans to put up
his own business back in the RP (no, he's not coming to the US), and
Mon now plays with The Dawn (not permanently) and plans to form a
group with Perf de Castro and JB Medrano for a stint in other

There are no hard feelings between the members. We just have to move
on with or lives. Wolfgang was a great experience and we will never
forget those wonderful and strange ten years for the rest of our

If we do ever get back together, then that time will come whenever it
does, but as of now...the band is no more.

Thank you to all our fans and friends for all the support you have
given to Wolfgang's music. The music is still there so anytime you
miss us, just pop in the albums and crank up the volume.

Peace and Rock,