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By: Patrick V.

I saw Mike Hanopol at PFV a couple of weeks before the gig last June 14... not much people out there that night, as expected. Since PFV openned up, they are always weak in the promotion side. I always go out there BLIND of what is going to happen. I have no idea what band will play and I had no idea that Mike H was there that night before the June 14 gig. Maybe it was an unscheduled surprise performance?

Brown Bishop aka Stokwa played a nice set despite the absence of their drummer (Eric). To those of you who does not know it yet, they got a new guitarist and I typically forgot his name. Tanabe, the former vocalist of Brown Bishop (sang at Happy Hour 2) is missing in action. Anyone knows where this guy is? I dunno. DJ Boom (also sang at Happy Hour 2), the back-up vocalist of Brown Bishop is also out of the band. Stokwa fans will be glad to know that Tew-Tew (bass) has postponed his planned trip to PI to continue his studies to next year. Tew-Tew is responsible for writing all original materials of Stokwa. This band is presently working on a one track demo which kinda hard since the drummer dude is out spending his vacation in PI.

Federales dudes from Staten Island, it was my first time to see this band tho I have heard a lot about them tru the usual egroup. I know its sad that Mike Hanopol forgot to mention your name while rounding up the bands. Nobody reminded him, thats why.

Sprakataks now has a new vocalist. Hi Jing (vocalist)! I guess Ramsey got fired or something like that. I will have to investigate further. Since the take over of Jing, Sprakataks sounded more on the alternative rock side. This seems to work better for this band. The first time I saw Sprakataks with the new pretty sexy cool female vocalist was at PFV a couple of nights back. Then I saw them again at Passaic (New Jersey) POD thingy. Their demo cd has been going out like pan cakes. If you cant afford to pay three bucks, join our August raffle and you may just win a Sprakataks CD. It might even be autographed by the entire band. You will have to come back here on August to be able to participate on the raffle. No short-cuts! You may check out this band on their official website:

This is my second time to see
Aiko Star on stage. Needless to say they have validated my fanaticism for their band. Ivy, I love your stage show thingy with the dance and neck stuff. Yep, thats a real tattoo on Ivy's neck. Yayie and Ricky served as the band's walking ads. Did you notice they were both wearing Aiko Star t-shirt? That segment with just Ivy and Alex, that was pretty cool. This band has been featured at by Heidi G. Autographed CD of Aiko Star will be raffled here at pob in August.. hey, that's next month! The band's official website is

Being the vocalist of Ramini works better for Ramsey. The band fits his image. This is also just the second time I saw this band play. The first is at the Happy Hour 2. Ramini fans, the band has given me their word that they will be participating in the pob raffle. As soon as I get a hold of their autographed cd, I will announce when it will be given away. Does Ramini have a website?

Mike Hanopol. The legend continues... his music is like the stuff I always listen to when I was little. The classic stuff. The good stuff. I dont think I have to explain Mike to you. Freakin where have you been if you have not heard of this rockin dude? Thanks to Mike Hanopol for donating an autographed cd for the pob raffle. Dudes, he signed the cover and the cd! Pretty cool stuff. The cd will be given away on September.

Yes, there were some nice girls there that night. Tanya, the cutie bartender was tending the bar that night. It was just a one night thing so dont be surprised if you dont see her there anymore. Tanya used to tend at Klub Kweba Fridays. Tho I have tried several times, this cutie never gave me her number. Sigh! There was no signs of Christine, the sexy cute daughter of the owner of PFV. Who had some of those jello shots?

Ruth! Who knows Ruth? Who gave Ruth his number? I know I did! Im still waiting by the phone... waiting for it to ring.

ring... ring... "is that my phone?... its the alarm clock... ok..."

Posted: June 19, 2002

 Posted: June 19, 2002